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David Lynch and Duran Duran Launch Initiative for Medical Professionals Fighting Coronavirus

Posted On: May 4, 2020   |   Posted By: Celebrity Babies

David Lynch and Duran Duran, along with their famous friends, are lending support to aid healthcare workers battling the coronavirus pandemic.
On Monday, the Center for Health and Wellness of the David Lynch Foundation and the US TM Organization launched a new initiative, called Heal the Healers Now, to bring the transcendental meditation technique to medical professionals across the country amid the ongoing health crisis.
In an exclusive statement to PEOPLE, the Twin Peaks creator, 74, said he hopes frontline workers will benefit from meditation.
“It's been said that doctors and nurses are fighting a war - and the enemy is the coronavirus. Many soldiers in war suffer from post-traumatic stress. This same thing is happening to our doctors and nurses. TM will eliminate that traumatic stress and replace it with happiness and inner peace. Please help us get this to our doctors and nurses and all who are on the frontlines fighting this battle,” Lynch said.
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