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Blake Lively Whipped Up Homemade Waffles That Look Exactly Like Cookie Monster

Posted On: Apr 30, 2020   |   Posted By: Celebrity Babies

Professional chefs aren't the only ones getting creative in the kitchen right now - Blake Lively took a stab at making her own Sesame Street - inspired waffles, and they look almost identical to the Cookie Monster.
Lively, 32, has been quarantining with her mother Elaine, husband Ryan Reynolds , 43, and their three daughters. On Tuesday, she shared her kid-friendly masterpiece on Instagram, complete with the steps to make it yourself. “Self portrait,” she jokingly captioned.
The Cookie Monster waffle seems to be pretty easy to make. Lively said she used blue food coloring to dye the waffle batter, then cut it into cubes and “tossed it around” to resemble fur. To make the eyes she spooned dollops of cream cheese and placed chocolate disks on each eye to make the pupils. Finally, she crumbled up Sesame Street crackers and placed them around the mouth.
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It took her a few tries to perfect this yummy waffle character,...

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