• Dwayne Johnson Slams Claims He Called Millennials the 'Snowflake Generation': It 'Never Happened'

    One year ago - By Celebrity Babies

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is setting the record straight about an alleged interview he did with The Daily Star , in which he said “generation snowflake” is too easily offended.
    Johnson's alleged stance on generation snowflake, a term often used in a negative way to refer to millennials, didn't sit well with his fans as many of them declared “The Rock is canceled” on Twitter.
    The Rampage star later addressed the article on Instagram.
    “Earlier today, online, an interview dropped with me - apparently was with me, where I was insulting and criticizing millennials,” Johnson said in a video...
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  • The Bizarre Story of The Rock, “Snowflakes” and Fake News

    The Bizarre Story of The Rock, “Snowflakes” and Fake News

    One year ago - By Flare

    Update: On January 11, Dwayne Johnson posted a video on his Instagram clarifying that the interview with The Daily Star never took place and his controversial quotes about “snowflakes” were completely fabricated.
    I hate winter, but I am here for “snowflakes.”
    But obviously not the stuff that ruins my hair December through February. I'm talking about the highly politicized term that right-wing pundits, like Fox & Friends 's Tomi Lahren, frequently use to dismiss millennials as whiny and overly sensitive. Lahren oh-so-kindly broke it down for viewers in 2017 , saying that the term refers to...
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