• Calvin Klein Apologizes for Offending LGBTQ Community with Ad of Bella Hadid Kissing Female Robot

    3 monthes ago - By Celebrity Babies

    Calvin Klein is facing intense backlash from the LGBTQ community for an ad that features Bella Hadid kissing a female robot-influencer Lil Miquela.
    In the ad titled “ Bella Hadid and Lil Miquela Get Surreal,” the latest video for the fashion brand's “I Speak My Truth in MyCalvins” campaign - Hadid, 22, can be heard saying, “Life is opening doors' as she caresses Miquela's face.
    She continues with “Creating new dreams that you never knew could exist,” before the two share a long kiss.
    The model and the robot then stare at each other until the light dims and the screen fades to...
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